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MB Tamil Astrology 1.90

Tamil Astrology interprets the individual and personality traits

In the world of astrology and numerology the astrological predictions are usually specific to a particular religion, and particularly in India, the individuals take more interest in obtaining astrological forecasts pertaining to their own religion. For all the followers of Tamil Astrology, MB Tamil Astrology Software is a helpful application that gives a well-versed interpretation of the characteristics of an individual along with personality traits and the basic nature, on the basis of date of birth.

The application follows the basics of the Tamil astrology and makes highly accurate descriptions about the characteristics of the person ruled over by the birds of Tamil Astrology namely Vulture, Owl, Crow, Cock, and the Peacock. It follows the Vedic astrology that believes in the fact that THE Zodiac is divided into 27 portions, 13 degrees and 20 minutes, each portion being known as Nakshatra. So the application takes the position of these Nakshatras as well as other aspects of the Tamil astrology for determining things.

It is an interesting and rather innovative software which takes plenty of aspects into considerations for performing the analysis of the qualities and character of an individual.

This software is a postware. It requires 25 posts or a donation of $5 for it to be registered.

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  • Considers all aspects of Tamil astrology


  • Predictions are same for all users having common date of birth
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